It feels like this rainy weather really came to reinforce that summer is over! Ohh our hot sunny days at the beach. But don’t lose your hope, next week the sun and higher temperatures will come back and will probably reappear here and there until Autumn really kicks in.
So it’s raining and our backpackers, normally outdoor bees, are getting bored inside. What there is to do on a rainy day?

Here are some ideas:

-Get a group together to play cards’ games
-Watch Dvds
-Go to the cinema or to the mall.
-Catch up on that book you left behind during summer
-Write about your journey in Australia so far
-Play musical instruments (or start learning how)
-Study something you are interested at
-Talk to a stranger and spend hours getting to know them
-Go for a walk under a rain coat
-Grab your camera to record/photograph people, places, things you would like to keep memory of.

What else? (I’m sure some of you are thinking about the drinking games.. there’s that too)
Please share your ideas!!

Manly Bunkhouse, your beach house in Manly 🙂