This Friday, Australians celebrate Good Friday.  What is there to know about this important day?  If you come to Australia this weekend, you will have the chance to spend quality time and discover the Easter traditions.  It is great to know that Good Friday is the start of a four-day weekend.  Australians spend time with their family and friends.  Good Friday is a religious and national holiday in Australia.  It is held on the Friday before Easter Sunday.  Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  It is widely known the fact that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday.

Prepare yourself for a long weekend!

If you decide to come to Manly and celebrate Easter here, prepare yourself for a long weekend!  If you want to book budget accommodation Manly, staying at a hostel represents a smart choice.  It will be wise to do some shopping in advance.  Keep in mind that on Good Friday schools, post offices, different other organizations are closed.  Needless to say, stores and other retail outlets are also closed.  When it comes to public transport, some of the services are often restricted.


Lots of sporting events

Different sporting events start on Good Friday.  For example, Three Peaks Race in Tasmania starts in the afternoon of Good Friday.  Do not forget also about the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race and the Easter Racing Carnival in Sydney.  Opt for a Manly hostel if you want to attend the Easter Racing Carnival!