Be our photographer and Manly Bunkhouse will have a surprise for you!

If you love taking long walks and fabulous sceneries, then Manly is definitely the perfect place for you.  Believe it or not, all views are amazing.  You have endless possibilities when it comes to Manly’s attractions: North Head Sanctuary, North Head, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, Manly Kayak Centre, Manly WaterWorks, etc.  If you decide to come here, accommodation Manly will be easily to find.  The excellent news is that Manly offers quality accommodation ranging from international hotels, charming guesthouses and backpacker establishments…Manly Bunkhouse represents the ideal accommodation for students, backpackers, and budget accommodation seekers.

If you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse, we have a surprise for you.  Even if you are an international student or you are simply spending a few days in Manly to get away from the daily stress, you will be charmed of the spectacular views.  Remember that Manly represents a real mixture of gorgeous scenery and stunning beaches.  You definitely have to take the camera with you and make some photos.  What about taking a photo at Manly Bunkhouse?  Show your friends how much you enjoy staying at us and, at the same time, living the Aussie experience!  When you post the photos on your Facebook page, do not forget to tag also our Facebook page!   The BEST shot will be choosen on 30th September and will win an awesome gift card.

It is widely known the fact that Manly is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.  More and more international students and backpackers all over the world try to find budget accommodation Manly in order to discover the so called “gateway” to Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day.  What better way to spend Father’s Day then out on a ferry in Sydney harbor?  The final destination will be Manly.  It offers so many attractions and activities for people of all ages.  A family day trip in Manly is the best way to spend Father’s Day this year.

There are so many restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner.  In Situ, for example, is known for its awesome coffee and all day breakfast and lunch menu.  Looking for a new culinary experience?  Lunch at Out of Africa is one of the most popular restaurants in Manly due to its unique Moroccan dishes.  If you want to eat pizza, At Hugos represents an excellent choice.  When it comes to beverages, you can settle at Wharf Bar or at Manly’s 4 Pines Brewery.

Celebrate Father’s Day in Manly and, at the same time, you will have the chance to discover unique places like North Head Sanctuary, North Head, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, etc.

Accommodation Manly is not a problem, even if you are going to stay just during the weekend.

Are you looking for a sunny and sandy destination?  Then make sure Manly is on your list!  You will have the chance to experience the relaxing Australian beach lifestyle.  There are so many things to see and do in Manly.  Students have endless options when it comes to Manly outdoor activities.  Look for cheap accommodation in Manly and start spending quality time.  Here are 5 exciting Manly outdoor activities:

1.Can you imagine Manly without surfing?

Australia is the super power surfing.  It is widely known the fact that Manly is considered to be the origin of Australian surfing.  This is definitely a must do activity for all the international students who come here.  No surfing experience?  You do not have to worry about this!  Learn to surf with Manly Surf School and Sydney Surf School.  It is interesting to know the fact that Manly Surf School has been voted the number 1 surf school in NSW.

2.What about scuba diving and snorkeling?

Do you want to experience something new?  What about scuba diving or snorkeling?  You can benefit of a complete range of equipment and dive courses at Dive Centre Manly or at PRO DIVE Manly.  Believe it or not, PRO DIVE has been teaching people to scuba dive for over 40 years.  This is definitely something…


With over 20 kilometres of bike paths, Manly is ideal for all levels of riders. This region is extremely bike friendly for all the backpackers Manly.  In fact, biking is one of the best and less expensive ways to explore the Aussie sceneries. It is great to know that many companies offer bike-hiring services and organize daily guided tours around Manly.  Students can easily hire beach cruisers, road bikes, off-road mountain bikes, kids’ bikes and tandems.

4. Walking

Walking, travelling on foot allows international students experience great aspects of Manly area.  This is so relaxing…  Allow you discover unique sceneries!  Here are some walking tracks you simply can’t miss: Cabbage Tree Bay Coastal Walk, Manly Eastern Hill Heritage Walk, Manly Heritages Plaques Walk, Manly Scenic Walkway and the Heart of Manly Heritage Walk.

5. Kayaking

Do you want to go kayaking?  You definitely can do this in Manly.  Luckily, Manly Kayak Centre provides three convenient locations to rent a kayak.  In case this water sport is new to you, allow the instructors teach you the basics.  Kayaking is definitely an excellent way of exploring best Sydney beaches.  If you book a kayak tour, you will benefit of an experienced and friendly guide, basic skills lesson and safety brief, short scenic walk up Dobroyd Head and beach picnic lunch and drinks.

Select online a Manly hostel and come here to experience the Aussie outdoor activities.  You definitely not regret this trip!

Our guests benefit of Free WiFI!

“Can you imagine life without access to Internet?”  This is a buzz question we often hear lately.  The answer to this question is extremely simple: definitely, NO!  This is the main reason we provide free WiFi to our guests.  The main idea is that most of the backpackers or international students who look for Sydney share accommodation want to live the Australian experience want to share it in real time with their friends.  The internet makes this possible.

Most of our guests are international students who want to chat with family or friends back home, check their emails or log onto Google.  Needless to say, many of these young people are Facebook or Twitter fans.  We definitely want you to be connected with your Twitter and Facebook and instantly upload your vacation pictures from Manly Bunkhouse.

Feel free to take pictures of the stunning Manly Beach. These can be easily obtained when you’re checked-in at our hostel.  If you look for budget accommodation Manly, Manly Bunkhouse represents a smart choice.
The internet is every traveler’s and backpacker’s best friend. Needless to say, it is the best way to connect with the family members and friends fast and easy. Keep the ones you love updated of your Australian travel itinerary. Allow them to be part of your adventure!

There are so many reasons to love Australia.  With so many interesting sights to see, more and more people decide to visit Australia and even move here.  Needless to say, so many international students decide to come to Australia in order to live a once in a lifetime experience.  Whether you are a beach fanatic, a backpacker or you simply like festivals and cultural events, your Aussie experience will be unique.

Why do we love Australia?


The wildlife in Australia is unique.  It is extremely diverse and there are so many species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

2.Different landscapes

You will be surprised of the variety of Australian landscapes.  There are completely different landscapes.  You will have the chance to discover even rainforests, deserts and ski-fields.

3.Spectacular beaches

Australia is famous for its spectacular beaches.  In fact, from north to south and east to west, Australia is the perfect place for chasing an endless summer.  Australia is similar with being on a permanent vacation.  This is great…  For instance, if you decide to look for accommodation Sydney  Manly and visit the region, you will discover that Sydney harbors have some of the world’s most beautiful warm sandy beaches. Believe it or not, in total there are about 70 ocean beaches located along the coastline.  The most popular beaches are Manly Beach, Bondi Beach, Tamarana Beach and Coogee Beach.  Manly Beach is famous.  There are so many things you can do here from scuba diving, swimming and kayaking.  Needless to say, Manly is full of festivals and exciting events.  More and more international students choose to look for budget accommodation Manly in order to spend here quality time.

4. National Parks

Australian national parks are famous all over the world.  The most popular national parks in Australia are Kakadu, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park or the Great Sandy National Park.

5. The money

What is there to know about the Australian money?  Believe it or not, unlike other currencies, Australian money is waterproof.  In case you left your money in your swimmers, you should not worry too much about it.  Your money will be in the same condition upon departure from the sea as upon entering.

The truth is that there is always plenty to see and do in Australia, no matter what your interests are.  It is interesting to know that water activities are extremely popular, as well as art and culture or sporting activities.  Australia is definitely a great playground for everyone.  Keep in mind that there is also something special about people in Australia.  They become easily your friends and they are more than happy to describe you the beauties of their country.  For a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you can come and stay at Manly Bunkhouse.

One month to the 21st annual Manly Arts Festival

Manly is definitely a must-visit if you are coming to Sydney during an Australian tour.  There are plenty of things to see and do at Manly.  Just 15 minutes from Sydney by fast ferry, Manly has so many to offer:  spectacular beaches, 130 bars, restaurants and cafes , over 200 shops and stores…It is widely known the fact that Manly is also known as the “surf-city of Australia” and the birthplace of Australian surfing. If you decide to come to Sydney, you should know there are so many festivals in Manly that the annual calendar is jam-packed!  In fact, there are amazing festivals and events throughout the year you can attend.  There is at least one great festival every month.  For instance, almost one month from now there is the 21st annual Manly Arts Festival.  It is one of the state’s leading community based arts festivals.  Great artists all over the world, including painters and sculptors, musicians and singers, performers, multi-media artists come to Manly.

Look for budget accommodation Manly and take part at this great festival! The Manly Arts Festival has a rich history.  It began in 1994.  The festival was originally designed to lift the winter gloom.  Needless to say, the festival has blossomed into a major spring-time cultural event. The annual Manly Arts Festival starts from Friday 19 through to Sunday 28 September 2014.  There will be special cultural events including exhibitions, concerts, talks, dance, films and creative workshops.  The great part about the Manly Arts festival is that the local artists have the opportunity to invite the public into their private studios, art spaces or galleries to see ‘behind the scenes’.  In fact, this is the real “show”, the chance to see the artist while he or she is working on a real masterpiece.  Come to Manly this September and you will have the possibility to learn more about the creative process. There will be over 60 exciting and interesting cultural events at this year Manly Arts Festival.  It is interesting to know that the festival will be officially launched at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum by actor Richard Roxburgh, on Friday 19 September, 6 – 8pm. One of Australia’s most creative contemporary artists, Joshua Yeldham, will have an exhibition at the Art Gallery & Museum’s.

All the international students can look for cheap accommodation in Manly and take a spiritual journey into the Australian landscape, in particular Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River, a region Joshua Yeldham has known since childhood.  The public will have the possibility to understand better Joshua Yeldham’s work through film, painting, photography and sculpture. Keep in mind that Manly Arts Festival includes also great events like ‘Manly’s Big Draw’,  ‘Manly Library Zine Fair’, ‘Q Station Family Fun Day’, ‘Northern Beaches Open Studios Weekend’, ‘The Great Wall of Manly’, ‘The Inside View Forum’ and ‘Sydney Chamber Music Festival Bird Song Concert Series’. Come to this festival and celebrate the vibe of Manly!

Manly represents the ideal location for students in Australia.  There are so many things to do here and so many places to visit.  You definitely have to some online research in order to make sure you do not miss the exciting Manly events and festivals.

If you look for cheap accommodation Sydney, Manly Bunkhouse represents a smart choice.  Keep in mind the fact that the location is great: 10 minutes walk to all language schools and some Colleges, only 2 minutes walk to the beach and in a quiet residential area!

Besides our amazing location, you will definitely appreciate the quality time spent here.  We organize all types of thematic evening for our guests.  It is all about entertainment, about having fun.  For example, this Thursday, it is Movie Night at Manly Bunkhouse.  Wanting something to do in the evening, but short on cash?  We have the perfect plan for you!  Enjoy some of the new release movies!  Guess what, you have the possibility to pick the movie you want to see.  Needless to say, we also offer free popcorn, soft drinks and sweets!

Whether studying English in Australia or just going to College, we cater for international and local students.  You will make new friends, discover a new culture, admire spectacular sceneries, feel at home and live by the beach.

Manly is an excellent place for all the students who want to experience Aussie beach lifestyle and explore spectacular nearby views. There are so many things to see and do in Manly. In fact, there are so many outdoor activities waiting for you: surfing, scuba diving, kayaking and mountain biking. After you find budget accommodation Manly, make sure you collect all the necessary information in order to explore Manly.
Believe it or not, Manly has over 20kms of dedicated bike paths and off road trails. The great part is that the entire region is extremely bike friendly. Needless to say, biking is one of the best ways for students to explore all local highlights.
Many companies offer bike-hiring services and organize daily guided tours around Manly. Travelers can easily hire beach cruisers, road bikes, off-road mountain bikes, kids’ bikes and tandems.

There are so many places to visit by bike. All the adventurous students can easily take a self-guided tour. They can go along the famous Manly Beach, explore Sydney Harbour National Park, Dobroyd Head, Spit Bridge, North Head Sanctuary and more.
It is true that Manly is famous for being an origin of Australian surfing, but, at the same time, Manly is definitely more than just surfing. Many by bike represents a once in a lifetime experience.
In case you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse, you should know that our guest guide and events board is updated periodically with upcoming events and information of things to do in and around Manly. See our friendly staff and blog posts for more great ideas of spending quality time!

Sure-fire Ways To Select The Right Students Accommodation in Manly

If you’re travelling with your friends to Sydney, Australia, and want to avoid the crowded city, Manly represents an excellent choice.  More and more students prefer Manly because of its relaxing atmosphere, spectacular beaches, surfing options and fabulous attractions.  Needless to say, Manly is close enough to Sydney, meaning students can easily enjoy Sydney’s nightlife.

Finding the right students hostel Manly means choosing something that is not too expensive.  Besides costs, there are so many aspects to consider when it comes to selecting the right accommodation.  Choosing the student accommodation is an important step in every student’s life.  In fact, there are many essential things you should think about before making a decision.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before selecting the perfect accommodation for you:

  1. Is the accommodation close to supermarkets?  If not, how much do you have to pay when it comes to means of transport?

2.Will you need to connect utilities?

  1. Do you want to live alone?  Can you afford to live alone or do you want to share the flat, even the room with others?

4.In case you are opting for shared accommodation, do you want to live with only with students or do you accept working people as well?

5. What kind of space are you looking for? Do you want a flat or do you want the location to have an outside courtyard?

6.Do you want your own room?

7.Do you want the room to have its own bathroom and kitchenette?

8.Do you also want to have a commercial kitchen?

  1. Do you need a quiet place for study like a reading room?  Do you need strong light for design drawings?  In case you need access to a computer and to Internet, you may want to consider the possibility of having free WiFI Internet access

10.Is there an affordable form of heating for the cold winter months?

11.Are there any shops in the area?

12.Do you prefer twin rooms or you can easily stay in a bedroom with 6 beds?

13.When it comes to cheap accommodation in Manly, would you also prefer having a book exchange, DVDs and games room?

14.Is there fresh linen supplied?

Manly is perfect for students.  There are so many activities to do.  You can never get bored.  In fact, Manly offers lots of options for relaxing as scenic walks (coastal or bush walks), diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, kite surfing.  The romantic persons can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset spots.  Needless to say, do not forget the Manly bike tours.  Believe it or not, there are over 20kms of dedicated bicycle tracks.  This is the perfect way to explore Manly and its spectacular views!

5 Ways to get to Manly

If you come to Australia, you definitely have to visit Manly beach.  Keep in mind that Manly represents Sydney’s premier beach resort for backpackers, students, families all over the world.  Believe it or not, Manly and the Northern Beaches continue to attract more than 8 million visitors per year.  This is definitely something.  In fact, more and more people decide to look for budget accommodation for travelers in Manly


How can you get to Manly?

There are so many options to consider.  First of all, between Sydney and Manly there are 7 nautical miles.  This signifies that the easiest way to get to Manly is by ferry.  In fact, since 1855, all the visitors have the chance to travel day and night with Manly Ferry The trip takes 30 minutes.  There is also a fast ferry that makes approximately 15 minutes-30 minutes.  Opt for a Manly hostel and, in less than 30 minutes, you can be there.

Water taxis represent also an option.  Manly Water Taxis, Peninsula Water Taxis, Sydney Water Taxis, Yellow Water Taxis and Palm Beach Water Taxis are some of the water taxi providers.

There are also road taxis and bus services.  It is important to know that these buses connect Manly with the City, the Northern Beaches and the west, St Leonards and Epping and Manly Hospital.

In case you come to Sydney by plane, you should know that the travel time by bus from Sydney Airport is approximately 40 minutes, depending on traffic.

There is so much to see and do in Manly and, luckily, you have endless possibilities to get here.