A perfect weekend in Manly

Looking for an exciting day out for the entire family in Manly? There is always plenty to see and do in Manly, no matter what your interests and hobbies are.   Luckily, Manly is always full of celebrations and festivals.  You can never get bored.  This is the main reason you should look for a Manly hostel.

This weekend is full of surprises for everyone.  Come down to beautiful Clontarf Reserve and celebrate the annual Dogs Day Out event on 3 August 2014!   Moreover, this weekend is also Manly Warringah Orchid Society’s main show of the year.


Dogs Day Out


The event dedicated to dog owners and their furry friends will start at 10.30am and will end at 2.30pm.  This Sunday will be extremely entertaining: exciting competitions, racing and games.  Needless to say, all the dog owners will have the possibility to find useful information about the most recent trends when it comes to dog products and nutrition.  There will also be exciting demonstrations.

Here is the program of the day:

Clontarf Reserve

10.30am     Dogs Day Out opens


Ring 1

10.30am   Manly Kennel Club Agility Demonstration & Participation

11.30am   Flyball Demonstration

12.30pm   Manly Kennel Club Obedience Demonstration & Most Obedient Dog Competition

1.30pm     Dancing with Dogs




11.00am   Goodog Trick Training Class and Demonstration

12.00pm   Goodog Best Trick Competitions: Senior Dogs & Open Entry


Fancy Dress & Look Alike Competition


Ask The Expert Stage

10.45am    Dog Park Etiquette – Dr Beth McDonald

12.00pm   Paralysis Ticks and Toxic Garden Plants to Animals – Dr Kay Gerry

1.00pm     Goodog Behaviour and Training

2.00pm     Sporting Type Injuries & Dealing with Old Age Pets – Dr Peter Lee


Orchids By The Sea Show

The 2014 Orchids By The Sea Show will be held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd August.  Not too many people know that this is Manly Warringah Orchid Society’s main show of the year.  What about the location of the event?   It will be held at the Dee Why RSL Club (Pittwater Rd Dee Why) on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Keep in mind that a sales table will be provided for the society to sell member’s surplus stock.

Whether it’s the exceptional nature spectacle, the stunning beachside setting or the exciting festivals, Manly has so many to offer.  Are you ready to take advantage of all the surprises Manly has for you?  All you have to do is search for budget accommodation Manly.  You can easily save precious time by finding the perfect location online.  There are also so many websites where people share their opinions regarding different places, hotels, hostels, etc.  You can easily book online the perfect holiday in Manly.  For instance, Manly Bunkhouse Hostel is simply perfect for anytime holiday, summer or winter.

A to Z of choosing the best student accommodation in Sydney

It is widely known the fact that once international students have decided where they want to study, the next important decision they have to make is where they are going to live.  There are so many important aspects to consider.  When it comes to Sydney share accommodation, students have endless possibilities where to stay while studying.  For example, Sydney has great suburbs to live in as a student.  Moreover, all the international students who dream about a beach life in Sydney, can consider locations like Manly, Bondi and Coogee.


If you decide to live in Manly, Manly Bunkhouse represents a cheap student accommodation Sydney.  10 minutes walk to all language schools and some Colleges, only 2 minutes walk to the beach and in a quiet residential area.  Facilities are extremely important when it comes to choosing the best student accommodation.  Luckily, each and every room in Manly Bunkhouse has its own bathroom and kitchenette equipped with mini fridge and kettle. Needless to say, fresh linen and free WiFi is supplied.  It is widely known the fact that a high speed internet connection is an absolutely necessity for students. There is also a huge common room, commercial kitchen and an outside courtyard and backyard with BBQ amenities.  The common room has a big TV and Foxtel.


Manly Bunkhouse is the ideal location for students, both in summer or winter.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Manly Beach is one of Australia’s famous suburban beaches.  This is the main reason why more and more people decide to look for accommodation Sydney Manly in order to spend fabulous time here.

Manly Beach has also an interesting and unique story.  Not too many people know that Manly Beach was named in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South Wales.  He was profoundly impressed by the area’s original Aboriginal population.  Captain Arthur Phillip actually confessed that “Their confidence and manly behavior made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place”.

Believe it or not, after almost 100 years, Manly became a premier beachside destination for Sydney’s people.  Surf bathing became from that moment a real hobby for the Australian people.  In fact, the first body surfing was recorded in the 1890’s.  Moreover, the first legal surf bathing was recorded in 1902 while the first surf life saving club was created in 1903.

Manly and Freshwater Beaches enjoy the title of represent the ‘birthplace of surfing in Australia’.  This is definitely something…Needless to say, the first world surfing championships took place in 1964.

Manly has indeed a rich surfing history and, at the same time, it offers the unique combination of wide ocean beaches on one side and fabulous sandy harbor coves and inlets on the other.  You have to come to a Manly hostel and see the beauties of the region with your own eyes…

Top 5 Manly Attractions

Manly is for sure a must-visit if you decide to come to Sydney.  Believe it or not, Manly combines the best of the great beach lifestyle of Sydney with the unique village feel.  Needless to say, Australia’s beaches are considered to be some of the best in the world.  Manly beach, Bondi beach, Tamarana beach and Coogee beach are the most spectacular beaches you have to see if you decide to come to Sydney.

Manly beach not only offers a fabulous place for travelers, backpackers and holidaymakers to relax or surf in, but is just a stone’s throw away from excellent accommodation, restaurants, bars, shops, surf schools, dive centers.  Away from Manly beach, you will be surprised to see how many attractions Manly has to offer.   The main idea is that there is always plenty to see and do in Manly, no matter what your interests are.  Families with children, backpackers in Manly, people fascinated by surf, all of them succeed in having a spectacular holiday.

Here are top 5 Manly attractions

1.North Head Sanctuary

North Head Sanctuary is located right in Manly’s backyard.  It is considered to be Sydney’s secret getaway.  It is interesting to know that
there are over 10 km of easy walking tracks to explore.  Do not forget to take pictures because you will find spectacular harbour views.

2. North Head

North Head reveals fascinating scenery with unending ocean views and, of course, a spectacular panorama of the harbour and Sydney skyline.

3. Manly Art Gallery and Museum

If you come to Manly, you definitely have to visit the Manly Art Gallery and Museum.  Luckily, it is only a four minute walk from Manly Wharf. Manly Art Gallery and Museum was the first metropolitan regional gallery in New South Wales. Opened in 1982, the museum focuses on the history of Manly and the Northern Beaches.

4.Quarantine Station (Q Station)

Who has not heard of Sydney’s Q Station?  It has fast become one of the city’s most successful heritage sites.  The great part about Quarantine Station is that it successfully combines accommodation with spectacular views and a unique history.

5. Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

All the nature lovers have the chance to visit Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. Keep in mind the fact that across three levels, people have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of marine life.  Moreover, surprises do not stop here.  They have the chance to see the Penguin Cove, where they can discover a colony of Manly’s iconic little penguins.  There is so much to see at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary.  Kids can see cuttlefish, lionfish, baby sharks, seahorses and octopuses.

Manly is a magical place for everyone. There are plenty of attractions and activities. Accommodation in Manly is definitely not a problem.  You have endless possibilities, regardless of your budget.

Recycling is a world’s effort and at Manly Bunkhouse we care for our world. So please care with us, because even small efforts count.

For more on what to put and not to put in our coloured bins :


Australia recycles, backpackers should too

Australia recycles, backpackers should too

Have you heard that we have another public holiday tomorrow? but you have no idea what it’s about? … it is not about some biscuits 🙂

It is the day on which we remember Australians who died, served or still do, in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations Australia has participated. It also celebrates the spirit of Anzac, with its human qualities of courage, mateship and sacrifice.

In Manly the celebration will take place at Manly’s Anzac War Memorial which was built in 1916, this Friday 25th at dawn from 5:30am until 10am.

For more information about Anzac day visit https://www.awm.gov.au/

If you plan to enjoy this long weekend in Manly make your reservation quick so you don’t miss out 🙂

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It feels like this rainy weather really came to reinforce that summer is over! Ohh our hot sunny days at the beach. But don’t lose your hope, next week the sun and higher temperatures will come back and will probably reappear here and there until Autumn really kicks in.
So it’s raining and our backpackers, normally outdoor bees, are getting bored inside. What there is to do on a rainy day?

Here are some ideas:

-Get a group together to play cards’ games
-Watch Dvds
-Go to the cinema or to the mall.
-Catch up on that book you left behind during summer
-Write about your journey in Australia so far
-Play musical instruments (or start learning how)
-Study something you are interested at
-Talk to a stranger and spend hours getting to know them
-Go for a walk under a rain coat
-Grab your camera to record/photograph people, places, things you would like to keep memory of.

What else? (I’m sure some of you are thinking about the drinking games.. there’s that too)
Please share your ideas!!

Manly Bunkhouse, your beach house in Manly 🙂