More and more international students and backpackers all over the world are extremely familiar with staying at a hostel. This way, they stick to a certain budget and, at the same time, they make new friends. One thing is for sure: the friendly atmosphere you find in a hostel is unique. Most hostels have common areas where you can spend quality time and meet people: a common room, commercial kitchen, an outdoor courtyard with BBQ facilities and, guess what… Manly Bunkhouse has its own herb’s garden. Needless to say, hospitality characterizes a Manly hostel.

Hostel culture is social all over the world. There are so many great events organized by the staff from Manly Bunkhouse: foosball competition, movie evening, playing cards competition or dinner offered by the staff of the hostel. It is really a great experience to eat with your friends.
The most important reason why you should opt for accommodation Manly is represented by the costs involved. Do you want to stick to a convenient budget? Manly accommodation is going to be more affordable than staying in Sydney, while you can easily take the ferry across to Sydney. There are great advantages: you can live the Aussie experience with minimal costs, make new friends and enjoy a spectacular landscape.