Celebrate the International Day of Happiness in Australia!

Do you know that on March, 20th we celebrate the International Day of Happiness?  What does this important day symbolize?  People from all over the world should focus on their connections, relations with others.  Men, women, children all over the globe are invited to reach out and make new connections, including online.

On the International Day of Happiness, happiness activists are arranging great events in major cities around the world.    This applies also to cities of Australia.  The happiness activists will discuss with the local communities about the fact that the days of disconnection are numbered.   If you decide to book accommodation at a Manly hostel, you will celebrate a great Day of Happiness.  Come to Manly and connect with as many persons as you can, make new friends!  If you opt for Sydney shared accommodation at a hostel, you will meet new persons.

What about celebrating International Happiness Day with a Morning Kayak and a Breaky Event in Manly?   Keep in mind that Happy Kayaking is between 8 am and 9am.  Moreover, the Happy Breaky Event is between 9.15 am and 11am.

What can be more beautiful than celebrating the International Day of Happiness in Manly?  The city of surfing offers a fabulous place for travelers, backpackers and holidaymakers to relax or surf in.