Give your clothes a second life with Clothes Swap this Saturday!  The main goal of this event is, as the name perfectly suggests, swapping good quality clothes, accessories or shoes that you once adored.  Maybe you changed your style and you no longer want to wear elegant clothes.  On the contrary, maybe you no longer want casual clothes or jeans and you love elegant dresses.   Maybe you recently gave birth and your older clothes no longer fit you.  Wardrobe full of clothes you can no longer wear?  No problem, someone will treasure them!  At the same time, you will also have the chance to do some shopping!


Even if you are on vacation in Australia and you stay at a Manly hostel, you should come to Clothes Swap, on June, 27th, between 12pm and 2pm at North Steyne Surf Life Saving Club 93-95 North Steyne, Manly NSW 2095.  You will love this community event.

Keep in mind that only ladies clothing, accessories and shoes are accepted.  It is advisable to check in with the clothes you want to swap between 12.00am and 12.30pm.


Popular questions


1.How many items can I swap?  The main idea is that you can swap up to 5 items.

2.Will the items be quality screened?

Of course, all the items will be quality screened.  It is good to know that clothes should be clean, folded or pressed.  Moreover, they should be of good quality with a long potential lifespan.  Clothes, accessories and shoes should be free of faults or have only minor faults that can be repaired.

3.How can I pay for the new clothes?

It is good to know that for each item that you bring, you will receive a token in exchange. These tokens are extremely important because they are your currency for the swap.  Needless to say, you will need them when you check out.

4.What happens after I finish shopping?
After you finish ‘shopping’, you can check out by taking your new items back to the counter and handing over the tokens to ‘pay’ for them!

If you look for budget accommodation Sydney, you have endless possibilities.  There are so many friendly hostels waiting for you.  After you settle in, choose one item from your wardrobe and come to this community event.  Swap clothes!  You will definitely not regret this!  In fact, joining the local events is the best way to understand better the culture, the habits from the places you visit.