Spring is here…beautiful sky, warm weather and excellent waves in Manly.  If you’re visiting Sydney and you want to relax, take the fast ferry over to enjoy the Manly Beach area.  You will be in Manly in almost 20 minutes.  By the way, if you find accommodation Sydney to be too expensive, you can easily book accommodation at a Manly hostel.  Needless to say, Manly is also easy to get either by car or by bus.

If you come to Manly, you definitely have to get up for a sunrise on one of the most amazing beaches in the world. You might be lucky to see a whale or dolphin.  Go for a swim, take some surf lessons or just grab a coffee and go for a walk!  Wiggling your toes in the sand is definitely a unique sensation…You will discover heaven: the beach is so large, clean, and there are plenty of facilities for everyone like restrooms, rental shops, volleyball nets, etc. There are also lots of shops and restaurants.  Experience the Aussie cuisine!

Book budget accommodation Sydney and rent a bike!  You can do this from Manly Bike Tours, across the street from the ferry dock.