Sydney is famous all over the world for its great festivals and nightlife.  Manly will be the star in the upcoming weeks.  Did you get your ticket to Manly Jazz Festival?  Find the perfect place in Manly for you to enjoy a wonderful long weekend.  The festival takes place from September, 25th to October, 5th!  If this is the first time you attend the event, you will love it.  Your friends will also love it!


Manly Jazz Festival has a great history

It is true that Manly has something for everyone, from travelers, backpackers, international students, families with children.  There is always something to see and do in Manly.  It is great to know that music festivals come and go, but the festival of jazz remains something important even for Sydney.  Believe it or not, Manly Jazz Festival represents the biggest festival in Sydney.  This is definitely something…


This year it is going to be the 38th edition of the festival.  Thousands and thousands of people look for accommodation at a Manly hostel this time of the year in order to attend the festival.  What can be more spectacular than listening to famous musicians and, at the same time, taking advantage of the spectacular scenery (sunny seaside)?


The good news is that the best live jazz performances from across Australia and around the world took place in Manly.   The festival attracts so many people, with different musical tastes.  Manly Jazz Festival includes funk, blues, swing, hard core jazz, something for everyone…There will be multiple stages placed along The Corso and the Manly beachfront: Beachside Arena, John Speight Stage, Sydney Road Stage, Jass Stars of the Future Stage, Manly Plaza Stage, etc.

Over the past few years, many changes took place.  Manly Jazz Festival was initially a three days festival.   Luckily, in the present, the festival has more than tripled the number of days and it became an 11-day celebration of good music.

Start planning your visit to Manly!  It is going to be live music, famous musicians in a spectacular place, near the beach!  Discover a new face of Manly!  You will have the chance to notice that Manly is not only the city of surfing, but also the city of jazz music!  When it comes to booking budget accommodation Sydney, choose between quality accommodation ranging from fully serviced apartments, motels, guesthouses and backpacker establishments.