Being in the hostel business represents these days a real challenge.  There are so many hostels all over the world and all of them try to attract international students, travelers, backpackers.  What makes the difference?  Maybe the guest information all the respectable hostels should translate.

In a previous blog post we discussed about three important translations that can make a hostel stand out from the rest when it comes to the international guests.  We will discuss now about more guest information hostels should translate.

It is widely known the fact that safety guides are related to different forms of important instructions that protect the guests of the hostels: evacuation plans, fire safety tips, instructions for using various devices and valuable information on whom to contact in case of injury or illness.  We can discuss about a real controversy.  On one hand, so many laws determine the safety guides all hostels and hotels have to make public.  On the other hand, the regulations do not mention anything about the translation of these documents for the international guests.

The main idea is that hostels should cherish and respect their international visitors all over the world.  This is the main reason the owners of the hostels and their teams should speak different foreign languages in order to have an excellent communication with their guests.

The “rules of the house” have also to be translated.   All the guests have to respect the rules of the house (eg: quiet hours from 9pm, no smoking within the building, drinking rules etc).

If you look for cheap accommodation at Manly beachside, you are in the right place.  Our hostel provides a safe, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  Even if you come to Manly to work or to study, the holiday atmosphere and the friendly local community will make the difference.

The facilities the hostels provide have also to be translated in different languages.  The friendly staff from the Manly hostel should discuss with the backpackers, international students or travelers about the offer of the hostel.  International guests are interested in secure storage, mail service, travel and tour information.  When it comes to linen, in case it is provided by the hostel, the guests have to know this right from the start.  Many international students want also to work in Australia.  An updated job and sales board will be extremely important (the translation of the board is also vital).