If you decide to spend a few days in Manly, you will not be disappointed.  On the contrary, there are so many things you can do here.  Manly, also named the city of surfing is a must visit Sydney destination for backpackers, international students, families with kids.  Manly offers so much: waterfront restaurants, amazing markets and shops, museums, and, of course water activities, adventure and entertainment for everyone, regardless of age.


Who has not heard of The Manly Corso?  In fact, in Manly, everything is within easy walking distance from The Manly Corso.  You can easily book accommodation at a Manly hostel located close to Manly Corso. At the end of The Corso, you have two options: you can choose to venture either north or south.


What happens if you go south from Manly Corso?


You will have the chance to experience the Manly to Shelly Beach-Cabbage Tree Bay Eco- Sculpture Walk.  You will enjoy a 15 minute walk which begins at South Steyne, passing the Manly Surf Club at the south end of Manly Beach.  Admire the Cabbage Tree Bay’s marine life, plants, animals, history and attractions through eleven unique sculptures along the way to Shelly Beach.  Are you big fan of water activities?  Keep in mind that Shelly Beach is an extremely popular spot for snorkelers and surfers.


What happens if you go Nouth from Manly Corso?



North from Manly Corso you will discover Manly Lagoon Reserve, named also Lagoon Park.  This is an excellent place to visit for families.  It is great to know that Manly Lagoon is home to breeding grounds and habitats for a wide range of fish species, as well as seagrasses, birds, and other animals.  If you want your kids to explore the beauty of nature, book budget accommodation Manly !   The landscape is amazing because the reserve stretches from Pittwater Road on one side, to North Steyne Road on the beach side.  If you like playing cricket, you are in luck because there are plenty of grassy areas around the park.  Needless to say, the pathway along the Lagoon is a great place to ride bikes or scooters.  There are even more surprises: at the end of the reserve, at Keirle Park, you will discover an outdoor exercise equipment area, Skate Park and a large oval.