It is widely known the fact that Australia is considered to be the country of surf.  Book Manly accommodation and explore the Aussie lifestyle!  But, have you ever wondered what happens with all the old surfboards?  They are probably destined for the rubbish.  And this is sad, extremely sad…

The good news is that some of the retired surfboards did not end up as rubbish.  On the contrary, they were transformed in real pieces of art.  How could that be possible?  Well, Jarryn Dower, a 22 year old artist from Ocean Grove, Australia, decided to turn out old surfboards that would previously be destined for the rubbish tip into real pieces of art suitable for wall mounts or display. 

What is there to know about Jarryn Dower?  He grew up around the Bellarine and Surf Coast.  This is the main reason the beach and surf culture has had a large influence on his interests and lifestyle. He purchased his first boards in February 2014.  Armed with a few Posca Pens, he started his creative adventure.  Applying the paint to the surface of the boards proved to be an extremely difficult mission.  After many errors, Jarryn settled for a stippling technique. The whole process takes a lot of time, but the final result is fabulous…It is widely known the fact that all the creative acts demand a lot of time and effort.

How much does it take for Jarryn Dower to transform an old surfboard into a real piece of art?  The amount of time depends from a board to another.  Depending on the amount of detail involved, these unique boards take anywhere from 25 – 70 hours to finish.  Once the artwork is complete, the creator seals it with a clear coat for protection.  Jarryn Dower transformed more than 10 old retired surfboards in real pieces of art.  And this is only the beginning…

If this is an inspiring story for you, come to the city of surf.  Book accommodation at a Manly Hostel!  Do you know that Manly is one of the world’s five surfing reserves?  Believe it or not, the first known body-surfing contest took place at the Manly Surf Club carnival in 1908.  Moreover, keep in mind that Manly hosted also the first ever Surfing World Titles in 1964.  Needless to say, all the fans of surfing are aware with the fact that Manly is home to 7x world surfing champion Layne Beachley!

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