If you want to experience the Aussie lifestyle, the best way to do this is by attending the Sydney Sailboat Expo.  The event will be held for the first time on 18-19 April 2015 10am – 4pm at the International College of Management, Sydney in Manly!   Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and spend quality time at the Sydney Sailboat Expo!

As the name perfectly suggests, the Sydney Sailboat Expo is a meeting place for Sailors, those interested in becoming Sailors and the Sailing Trade Industry.  All the persons who decide to attend this event catch up with each other and learn more about the sport of sailing and the latest trends in this domain.

It is interesting to know that the location of the event has a great history.  Keep in mind that the International College of Management campus has a prestigious history as the former site of St Patrick’s Seminary.  Needless to say, the ICMS building with its Gothic style and romantic central bell tower holds a commanding position overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean.

What can we do at the Sydney Sailboat Expo?

First of all, you have the chance to admire the latest products for sailors on show.  There will be also great workshops on topics such as Splicing, Boat Maintenance, Sailing Fitness and more.  If you want to learn how to splice ropes, this is your chance!

If you book accommodation Sydney Manly and you decide to attend the Sydney Sailboat Expo, Healing Life Massage will be there to show you all the benefits of a great massage after a day on the water.  Have a relaxing weekend and learn how to have a healthy lifestyle!

What is there to know about the sailing disciplines?  They include fleet racing, where many boats race around a set course, match racing, a one on one discipline, teams racing where one team is against another, ocean racing, where boats race from one geographical point to the next.

Want to spend an attractive weekend in Manly around the Sydney Sailboat Expo?  There are so many things to do and see in Manly!  Keep in mind the fact that Manly offers lots of options for leisure as scenic walks (coastal or bush walks), diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, beautiful sunrise and sunset spots and much more.   It is true that water activities are extremely popular in Manly.  This is the main reason you cannot miss the Sydney Sailboat Expo!