Believe it or not, Christmas is almost here.  Have you made the Christmas list for the ones you love?  In less than 2 weeks, Santa will visit us… Christmas is a time of giving, spending quality time with those we love.  Picking out a gift is, most of the cases, a daunting task.  Not only do you have to choose from endless great options, but, you have to hope that your family members and friends will love what you pick out.   A little inspiration when it comes to Christmas gifts never hurts.  Here are some great ideas of Christmas gifts:

Gift baskets are extremely popular this season.  Everyone likes bottled wine, luxurious chocolate and sweets, foreign cheese, etc.   Gift baskets represent the perfect gift for parents, grand-parents, family members in general.

For the most important woman in your life you can select statement necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, studs, earrings, pendants and jewellery boxes.  On the other hand, for the most important man in your life, you can opt for a watch.  Moreover, you can also make it unique by engraving your own message on it!  The main idea is that personalized items represent unique Christmas gifts.  You have endless options when it comes to the gifts that can be personalized: pens, jewellery, mugs, glassware, T-shirts, etc.

If you want something special this Christmas, surprise the one you love with a last minute getaway!  If you do not want to spend the winter holidays in a ski resort, you can also visit one of the many magical Christmas markets in Europe like the ones in Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Sibiu, etc.  If you dream about a sunny and sunny destination, select Manly!  You still have time to opt for accommodation at a Manly hostel.  Save precious time and use the Internet to book online your room!

What about surfing on Christmas?  You will definitely have a unique Christmas.  If you’re new to surfing, then Manly is one of the best places in the world to learn.  Australia is known all over the world as the country of surfing while Manly is considered to be the surf city.  Do you want to learn how to surf during winter holidays?  Look for Manly accommodation and you will be surprised to see how many water activities you can try here.  Forget about snow and embrace the ocean!  The views are spectacular.  There are so many things to do and see in Manly.  You simply cannot get bored.  There are great coffee shops, restaurants and cosmopolitan shops and markets in Manly.

Discover Manly, discover Australia and live the experience of an Aussie Christmas!