Australia offers fascinating natural experiences.  One of the main reason people come to Australia is the whale watching season.  The truth is that the whale watching is fascinating.  Watching the whales up close, in their natural environment, is a once in a lifetime moment.  Wales migrate along the coast north from May to November.
If you want to enjoy this amazing show offered by nature, come to Manly! Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and enjoy the whales’ performance!  The good news is that the whales are not going to be the only actors in the show.  On the contrary, you can easily spot sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins.  It is going to be a real adventure…
You will discover with your own eyes that Manly is not just a fabulous holiday or weekend destination.  Needless to say, Manly is also a perfect location to check out the annual whale migration.  The whale watching season is a real tradition in this place.  Not too many people know that whales have been entering Sydney Harbour and its estuaries for centuries.
There are great places where you can spot whales near Manly.  You can head to one of the coastal headlands around Manly or its nearby suburbs. For instance, the North Head Sanctuary on the tip of Manly peninsula provides magnificent views out to sea.  Needless to say, the Fairfax Walk is an easy circuit connecting three whale- watching lookouts.  Keep in mind that Bradley’s Head in the Sydney Harbour National Park also offers fantastic whale watching.
There are whale watching cruises throughout the season.  Make sure you understand the fact that there are moments in the day when you have better chances to see the whales like late morning or early afternoon.
Book budget accommodation Sydney and do not miss these fabulous natural experiences in Manly!  You will have lots of fun right in the heart of Manly!  Forget about National Geographic or Animal Planet!  You will have the chance to watch the whales with your own eyes!
Statistics show that during the whale watching season, more and more people visit Australia to experience this amazing show.   Be one of the backpackers or travelers who decide to come to Australia this time of the year.  You will not regret it!  On the contrary, you will fall in love with this magic place and you will want to come back over and over again!