Is travelling one of your hobbies?  Learning about another country’s culture while you travel is all part of the fun.   Take some of your time and do some research in advance!  Find out more about their customs!  Otherwise, some cultural mistakes can lead to accidental offense!  You definitely want to avoid them! Here are six cultural mistakes you should avoid:
1. Don’t Raise Your Arm to Wave in Greece
It is true that waving seems like a friendly gesture, but in Greece, take care! “Generally you don’t want to raise your arm and wave your hand to say ‘hi’ to someone, as to a Greek it means, well, F-U,” says James Stathis, President of
2. Don’t Blow Your Nose at the Table in China
Blowing your nose at the table isn’t considered polite anywhere, but in China blowing your nose in public is a huge mistake. Chinese people dislike also when people tuck the used tissue into the pocket or purse.  If you decide to travel to China, try not to wear a green hat!
3. Don’t Shake Hands Over the Threshold of a Door in Russia
Shaking hands with someone may be a popular gesture of greeting in many parts of the world, including in Australia.  If you spend a few days at a Manly hostel, you will have the chance to explore the Aussie lifestyle.  In Australia you can shake hands over the threshold of a door, but in Russia you have to be careful.  In Russia this gester is considered extremely unlucky.
4. Don’t Ask for an Irish Car Bomb in an Irish Pub
It is widely known the fact that in the U.S., an Irish Car Bomb is a common name for a cocktail made up of Guinness and Baileys, in which you drop a shot of Bailey’s into the Guinness before drinking.  It is not a polite drink to order in Ireland.
5. Don’t Accept Anything With Your Left Hand in a Hindu or Middle Eastern Country!
Did you know that in many Middle Eastern countries and countries with large Hindu populations, such as India, Malaysia, and Singapore, the left hand is considered the bathroom hand (the one that you use for clean-up after a trip to the toilet)?
6. In An Asian Country, Don’t Wear Your Shoes In Someone’s Home!
Going in a trip in an Asian country?  It is expected, and, at the same time, respectful, to remove your shoes before entering someone’s home. In some regions people eat at low tables while sitting on the floor or sleep on the floor.  This is the main reason it is important for the floor to be clean.