Almost 2 weeks till Mother’s Day! Do you have any plans for this special day? It is widely known the fact that Australians celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This signifies that this year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May, 10th. Not too many people know that in the United States of America, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the same day. When it comes to European countries, things are a little bit different. They celebrate Mother’s Day on March, 8th.
Regardless of the day of the celebration, Mother’s Day has the same symbols all over the world. People celebrate this special day by showing their appreciation for the achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figures. Most of the cases, this special day is spent in family.

Gifts on Mother’s Day
Not too many people know the fact that it is an Australian woman who is credited with having started the tradition of giving gifts on Mother’s Day. Janet Heyden, a resident of Leichhardt Sydney, started a campaign in 1924 to collect gifts for lonely aged mothers.
These days, Australians offer flowers, chocolates, and cards on this special day. It is interesting to know that the carnation is the symbolic flower of Mother’s Day. Manly is a great place to bring your mother on Mother’s Day. Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and celebrate this special day in a spectacular place!