What makes Manly so unique?  This is a buzz question we often hear lately.  It is interesting to know the fact that Manly is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.   More and more travelers, backpackers and international students decide to spend quality time in Manly in order to live the true Aussie experience.  It is never too late to look for budget accommodation Manly!

Here are the most important reasons Manly is considered to be a unique place on Earth.  You should know that Manly is an historic and modern residential suburb of Sydney.  This cosmopolitan region represents an excellent combination of new and old.

The great attraction is obviously represented by Manly beach.  There are so many surf schools in Manly.  It’s an excellent moment to give surf a try.  You will discover in Manly a protected wildlife headland.  There is an interesting and, at the same time, unique combination of things that makes Manly a great touristic destination.  The beauty of the nature is coupled with a modern and cosmopolitan life style.  There are so many vibrant cafes, restaurants, shops and markets.  You can never get bored in Manly.  At the same time, when it comes to accommodation Manly, you have so many options: hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, guest houses, etc.

The exciting and, at the same time relaxing atmosphere of Manly makes this town a must visit destination, both in winter and summer.