It is widely known the fact that Australian English has its own distinctive accent and vocabulary.  All the international students, backpackers and travelers who come to Manly should find out more about popular Australian slangs.

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As crook as Rookwood” – seriously ill. “Crook” means really sick and Rookwood being the biggest cemetery in Australia.


“Cark it – die. 


Drongo – no-hoper or fool.  This slang derives from a racehorse of that name in the 1920s, which never won a race out of 37 starts.


 “Face like a dropped pie” – ugly.


Firies – firefighters.


Fit as a Mallee bull – very fit and strong, in good physical condition. The Mallee is a region in Victoria, South Australia – a dry area where an animal would need to be tough and fit to survive.


Knock up – wake up


Like a mad woman’s breakfast – all over the place or messy.


Like a shag on a rock – lonely or exposed.


Macca’s – McDonald’s


Mad as a meat-axe – crazy.


Neck oil – beer.