When you say Australia, you say amazing ocean beaches and spectacular landscapes.  When you say “Manly”, you say “Surf”.  Take some of your time to explore Manly’s history!   You will not regret it.  On the contrary, you will be fascinated.  Did you know, for example, that Manly is situated on the land of the Guringai people?  The traditional owners of this land are part of the oldest surviving continuous culture in the world.  Unfortunately, in 1789, many Aborigines died because of smallpox epidemic spread.


What is there to know about Manly European history?


In 1787, Captain Arthur Phillip of the Royal Navy left England with a fleet of ships to establish a colony in New South Wales.  He became its first Governor.  When the fleet arrived at Botany Bay, the destination was found to be unsuitable for settlement.  On 21th January 1788, they continued their expedition to Port Jackson.  Captain Phillip Phillip was impressed by the “confidence and manly behaviour” of a group of aborigines in the northern reaches of the harbour.  This is the main reason the place was called “Manly Cove”.


Early in the 1820s, Henry Gilbert Smith, an English businessman living in Sydney, understood that the region of Manly has so much to offer, when it comes to ocean beach, sand and sun… Manly could represent a great touristic attraction and “watering place” for the people of Sydney.  This is the main reason Smith started getting land in the region.  Needless to say, people made also some changes when it comes to the flora.  For instance, Norfolk Island pines were planted along the harbour foreshore.  That was the moment when Pier Hotel was built and The Corso was decided to link the harbor with the beach.  If you decide to stay at a Manly hostel, you will have the chance to take long walks and explore the amazing region.


Smith had also a great influence on the growth of a ferry service to and from Manly.  Believe it or not, by 1856 a daily ferry service was in place.  Starting 1859, Smith started donating land to the community.  Parks, churches, schools, museums were built.


These are the main events that brought Manly to life.  Book budget accommodation Sydney and explore the town and the surroundings!  You will be fascinated!