More and more international students and backpackers choose Australia in order to live the authentic Aussie experience.  At the same time, one of their favorite destinations is Sydney.  It is true that many international students choose Sydney for its famous universities and colleges.  But, before you make plans for your upcoming visit to Sydney, allow us to offer you some suggestions.

Why not consider the nearby city of Manly?  Here are 5 great reasons to choose a Manly hostel

1.It is widely known the fact that Manly is one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs.  You can get there by ferry.  In fact, it is located just a short ferry ride across the harbor.  You will find there spectacular views because Manly has beautiful beaches, lots of activities to enjoy, water sports.  You can stay close to Sydney, and, at the same time avoid the busy life.  On the contrary, in Manly, you can relax and enjoy nature.

2. Do you like cosmopolitan cities?  No problem, Manly is also a trendy and vibrant town.  There are also great festivals you can attend.  Do not forget the weekly markets and the fancy restaurants and coffee shops!

3.The most important reason why you should opt for accommodation Manly is represented by the costs involved.  Do you want to stick to a convenient budget?  You should opt for a Manly hostel.  The main idea is that the accommodation is going to be more affordable than staying in Sydney, while you can easily take the ferry across to Sydney.  You can live the Aussie experience with minimal costs.  It is widely known the fact that international students do not have an excellent financial situation and their accommodation budget is limited.

4.A hostel can be more roomy than other accommodations.  Keep in mind the fact that the hostel is not made according to the floor plan of a hotel.  Most of the cases, the hostel has fewer rooms than the hotel.  At the same time, we all agree that fewer rooms mean less noise and traffic.  The rooms may also be friendlier than the ones from a sterile hotel.

5.The hostel has special amenities

It is great to know that hostels are not part of a chain; they may offer specific features and amenities.  For instance, Manly Bunkhouse provides an outdoor courtyard with BBQ facilities.  All students and backpackers adore spending quality outdoor time.  Needless to say, our hostel has also a large common room, study and reading room and a commercial kitchen.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing a hostel in Manly.  Keep in mind that it is much more than a cheap place to stay!