There are so many festivals and events organized in Manly.  You simply cannot get bored.  There are numerous water activities you can experiment, clubs, restaurants and markets you can visit.  Look for accommodation Manly and be prepared to live unique experiences!

All the travelers, backpackers or international students who decide to spend some time in Manly should focus on Manly Markets.  The Beaches Market, Manly Arts and Crafts Markets and Manly Village Public School Markets are the most popular markets.


The Beaches Market represents the perfect place to buy your quality weekly food requirements. The market is opened every week on Friday, until Friday, 19 December 2014.  Do you simply adore organic food?  Well, the good news is that you can find farmer’s produce, organic and conventional fresh fruit and vegetable sellers, meats and dairy products direct from the farm.  Forget about all the unhealthy and dangerous additives!  The Beaches Market is located on 1472, Pittwater Road.


Every week on Saturday and Sunday, you will be charmed by Manly Arts and Crafts Markets.  Do you like handmade crafts?  This is definitely the best place for you!  The market is located on Sydney Road.  Are you an international student or a backpacker?  After you experienced the Aussie life and you admired the spectacular views from Manly, you definitely want to get some souvenirs from Australia for your family members.  Guess what, you are extremely lucky…As the name perfectly suggests, at Manly Arts and Crafts Markets you will discover unique local handmade Australian arts and craft.  All the visitors are simply fascinated.  All the Australian souvenirs have a fabulous story.  Take some of your precious time and discuss with the makers of these great objects!  You will definitely not regret it.
Manly Village Public School Markets take place third Saturday of each month.  Where can you find these markets?  Well, the Manly Village Public School Marketsare located on the corner of Wentworth Street and Darley Road.  You can find here craft stalls, homemade jams and fresh nuts.  In case you want to remember your childhood, you definitely have to try these jams.  Take some time to visit these markets!  Believe it or not, there are nearly 100 stalls filling the manly village public school markets.   There are so many treasures to explore at Manly Village Public School Markets!


It is almost impossible not to find something special for the persons you love.  If you decide to spend at least a few weeks in Manly, you should know that you will not have problems in finding budget accommodation ManlyIn fact, more and more people decide to stay at hostels for the friendly and relaxing atmosphere they provide.