It is widely known the fact that when you are traveling on a budget, hostels are an excellent choice of accommodation. The international students and the backpackers opt for these means of accommodation.  Needless to say, along with being affordable, hostels are often more social and experiential than hotels.  If you look for budget accommodation Manly, you should know that you have great options.  Most of the hostels have common areas, where you can take part at many group activities.


What about safety?  Are hostels safe?  Safety is a major concern when staying at hostels.  The main idea is that sharing a room can be an excellent way for making friends, but, at the same time adds some worry about keeping your money and things secure.   There are some golden rules you have to respect when selecting the hostel you are going to stay:

1.Always make sure your hostel offers lockers!

2.Opt for hostels that provide twenty-four-hour reception!

3.The location of the hostel is important.  Stay at a centrally-located hostel Manly!  It is imperative to make location, not price, your priority when booking a hostel.  Central hostels are considered to be safer.   Needless to safe, you can save precious money.  Keep in mind that you’ll save money by staying in a central location.  Moreover, you’ll be able to walk to college, market, shops and different local attractions and won’t need to rely on taxis.