These days, backpacking represents a real trend when it comes to travelling. Backpacking keeps your costs down much more than booking into expensive hotels.  If you decide to travel to Australia, there are so many hostels where you can stay.  There are so many backpackers in Manly, for example.  They spend quality time here with minimal expenses.

One of main problems you have to solve when embarking on a backpacking trip is what to take with you.  The main idea is that you will need to carry your backpack around for a significant amount of time (weeks, maybe months).  Needless to say, keep in mind that there are so many items that can’t be purchased locally.

Here are some essential items you have to take with you:

  1. A good sleeping bag, one of the modern ones that can be rolled up very small is best.
  2. A waterproof for if you get caught in the rainy season.
  3. Do not forget the head-covering!  Baseball hats or bandanas are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and the sun off your head.
  4. An army knife
  5. Minimal cosmetics and toiletries
  6. A first aid kit, accidents happen all the time…
  7. 1-2 travel towels which are lightweight
  8. Plastic bowl with knife, fork and spoon.
  9. Mosquito repellent is a must have
  10. A camera is not essential, but it is useful especially if you want to take great pictures from the places you visit.  Needless to say, backpackers make friends all over the world.  Photos are the best way to have these people with you forever.
  11. Spare batteries
  12. A torch
  13. A money belt
  14. A deck of cards.
  15. A pen and notepad to write down your impressions

It is vital not to take anything too valuable or sentimental with you.   Lost luggage is so common these days.  If you look for budget accommodation Manly, you have endless possibilities.  Moreover, do not take guidebooks with you!  On the contrary, travel light!  At Manly Bunkhouse, for example, the guest guide and events board is updated periodically with upcoming events and information of things to do in and around Manly.  Needless to say, you can stay at this hostel more than a month.  There are great offers you can take advantage of.  The excellent news is that each room has its own shower, toilet and kitchenette.

Backpacking in Australia?  Be prepared to live the Aussie experience!  Make sure you do not take anything that you wouldn’t use at home!