Manly is beautiful all the time, regardless of the season.  There are so many things to see and do in the city of surf.  If you tend to get bored, do not disappear!  Even the most active persons have the chance to spend quality time here, where water activities, unique markets and festivals abound.  By the way, Sydney is only a ferry ride away.  If you want to book budget accommodation Sydney, you should know that the distance between Sydney and Manly can be done by ferry in approximately 20 minutes.  This is great!

There are so many hostels and hotels in Manly.  Many international students, backpackers and other visitors want to spend the autumn in a quiet beachside location.  If this is your case, Manly Bunkhouse represents your best option.   You will be delighted by the amazing paradise in Manly!  Perfect for anytime holiday, summer, spring, autumn or winter, you have the chance to stroll along the seaside or harbour-side and enjoy the beautiful clear water.

Do you feel like running away from your daily life, from routine?  Well, you should know that Manly offers lots of options for leisure as scenic walks (coastal or bush walks), diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, beautiful sunrise and sunset spots, even during autumn.

If you want to experience the Aussie lifestyle, the best way to do this is by attending the Sydney Sailboat Expo.  The event will be held for the first time on 18-19 April 2015 10am – 4pm at the International College of Management, Sydney in Manly!   Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and spend quality time at the Sydney Sailboat Expo!

As the name perfectly suggests, the Sydney Sailboat Expo is a meeting place for Sailors, those interested in becoming Sailors and the Sailing Trade Industry.  All the persons who decide to attend this event catch up with each other and learn more about the sport of sailing and the latest trends in this domain.

It is interesting to know that the location of the event has a great history.  Keep in mind that the International College of Management campus has a prestigious history as the former site of St Patrick’s Seminary.  Needless to say, the ICMS building with its Gothic style and romantic central bell tower holds a commanding position overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean.

What can we do at the Sydney Sailboat Expo?

First of all, you have the chance to admire the latest products for sailors on show.  There will be also great workshops on topics such as Splicing, Boat Maintenance, Sailing Fitness and more.  If you want to learn how to splice ropes, this is your chance!

If you book accommodation Sydney Manly and you decide to attend the Sydney Sailboat Expo, Healing Life Massage will be there to show you all the benefits of a great massage after a day on the water.  Have a relaxing weekend and learn how to have a healthy lifestyle!

What is there to know about the sailing disciplines?  They include fleet racing, where many boats race around a set course, match racing, a one on one discipline, teams racing where one team is against another, ocean racing, where boats race from one geographical point to the next.

Want to spend an attractive weekend in Manly around the Sydney Sailboat Expo?  There are so many things to do and see in Manly!  Keep in mind the fact that Manly offers lots of options for leisure as scenic walks (coastal or bush walks), diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, beautiful sunrise and sunset spots and much more.   It is true that water activities are extremely popular in Manly.  This is the main reason you cannot miss the Sydney Sailboat Expo!

Christians in Australia celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 5th.   It is the day Jesus rose from the dead after he was crucified.  If you are planning to experience the Aussie lifestyle, this is your chance because many Australians take advantage of the long-weekend for a short holiday.

What is there to know about Easter traditions in Australia?

On Easter Sunday, like in most places in the world, many people receive or search for Easter eggs. There are egg-shaped and made from chocolate, candy.  The Easter eggs are often covered in brightly colored foil or decorated with funny images of rabbits or chicks.  If you decide to come to Sydney for example and book accommodation at a Manly hostel you will notice that many communities organize Easter egg hunts in parks or gardens.  These family events are great for young children.

It is widely known the fact that traditionally, all over the world, Easter eggs were delivered by the Easter rabbit or bunny. This is the Easter tradition in Europe.  Tourists, international students and backpackers should know that rabbits are seen as pests in Australia, as they destroy crops and natural habitats.  This is the main reason in Australia Easter eggs are hidden by the Easter bilby.   What is a bilby?  It is a small, shy mammal with big ears, which is native to Australia.  Unfortunately, bilby is an endangered species.

Easter festivals in Australia


If you book accommodation Sydney Manly, you can attend great festivals like the Blessing of the Fleet Festival in Ulladulla, New South Wales, the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Sydney, New South Wales, the National Folk Festival in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, and the Australian Gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba, Queensland.  The excellent news is that there are great local Easter festivals all over the country.

Not too many people outside Australia know that the Easter weekend is also an important time for sports fixtures.  This is the main reason many people spend the day watching these events on television. It is interesting to know that these sports events include major league football matches, horse racing meetings, the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, the Tasmania Three Peaks Race and the Stawell Easter Gift.


There are so many things to see and do in Manly, even on Easter.  Just 15mins from Sydney by fast ferry, why not book a Manly hotel and create your own getaway?  Spend the Easter in Australia and discover the Aussie traditions!

Celebrate the International Day of Happiness in Australia!

Do you know that on March, 20th we celebrate the International Day of Happiness?  What does this important day symbolize?  People from all over the world should focus on their connections, relations with others.  Men, women, children all over the globe are invited to reach out and make new connections, including online.

On the International Day of Happiness, happiness activists are arranging great events in major cities around the world.    This applies also to cities of Australia.  The happiness activists will discuss with the local communities about the fact that the days of disconnection are numbered.   If you decide to book accommodation at a Manly hostel, you will celebrate a great Day of Happiness.  Come to Manly and connect with as many persons as you can, make new friends!  If you opt for Sydney shared accommodation at a hostel, you will meet new persons.

What about celebrating International Happiness Day with a Morning Kayak and a Breaky Event in Manly?   Keep in mind that Happy Kayaking is between 8 am and 9am.  Moreover, the Happy Breaky Event is between 9.15 am and 11am.

What can be more beautiful than celebrating the International Day of Happiness in Manly?  The city of surfing offers a fabulous place for travelers, backpackers and holidaymakers to relax or surf in.

If you decide to come to Manly next weekend, you definitely should join the Melanoma March. Statistics do not look good at all: one person dies from melanoma every 6 hours.  That’s why once a year Australia unites to take action against Australia’s national cancer.

What is the main role of this event?  Not too many people know the fact that this walk is to remember those lost, raise awareness, and to help researchers find a way to end the battle against melanoma.  The event is about people and for people.  The great news is that all donations made will go to the continued research for a cure.  Many backpackers Manly are going to attend this event.

Basic information about the Melanoma March

The event is organized by the Melanoma Institute Australia.  The event starts at 7.30 am.  The start location is represented by the beach side of the road, in front of Hotel Steyne.  It is important to know that the time walk commences at 9.00am.  Keep in mind that Route marchers will head north to Lagoon Park.  If you decide to come next weekend to Manly, you should also book accommodation at a Manly hostel.  Do not forget that the length of route is approximate 4km loop.  After the march, there will be post event refreshments and entertainment at the Steyne.

More and more international students and backpackers decide to live great life experiences by staying at a hostel.  This applies also to people who decide to experience the Aussie lifestyle.  Here are great tips you can successfully apply if you decide to stay at a Manly hostel, for example:

  1. Do you want to stick to a certain budget?  If you opt for budget accommodation, sharing the bedroom represents your best option.   This is an essential part of what makes staying at a hostel fun.  Keep in mind that this can be the basis of a true friendship, but, at the same time, it can also be a cause of all kinds of trouble.


  1. If you want to share the dorm, choose your room wisely: co-ed or single sex?


  1. Most hotels provide free WiFi.  Unfortunately, this means that it is easy as ABC to become addicted to G+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.  If you decide to navigate online in a bedroom after lights out, your colleagues will not get enough sleep.  This can definitely be annoying.  If you opt for shared accommodation Sydney , make sure you show some respect  to the people in the room!


  1. Respect the bathroom queue, if this is the case in the hostel!  Luckily, each and every room from Manly Bunkhouse has its own bathroom.


  1. If you decide to share accommodation, try to pick your favorite bed in advance!  Take some of your time to check out the facilities listed online, before you book your bed.

6.Try to geta bottom bunk!

It will be wise to try to get a bottom bunk. The main idea is that it is easy     to get in and you have more space just for you!

7.What about the extras?

Inform yourself about towels, soap and shampoo!  Are they included in the price?  If not, you should carry them with you.



8.Some earplugs … a good choice

Unfortunately, some hostels are going to be loud.  Prepare yourself!  Bring some earplugs and you’ll be fine.

9. What about the secure storage?

Do not leave your money, passport and other valuable things in the room!  Ask the owner if the hostel offers a locker or a safe.

10.Have a positive attitude!

The most important piece of advice when it comes to staying at a hostel is related to your attitude.  Be positive, do not be shy!  Join the conversation!  Make new friends!  Keep in mind that hostels represent a great place to meet other people.

Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day events take place all over the world to celebrate the achievements of women all around the globe.  These celebrations can be formal or informal and they mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.  If you decide to come to Manly this weekend, you can attend the event called “W0Manly Walking for Women”.  Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and celebrate this important day with a walk with family and friends along the iconic Manly waterfront, followed by a continental breakfast at the iconic, Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific!  It is great to know the fact that all the money from all the ‘walking’ tickets will be donated.

Come together with your friends, family and celebrate a perfect International Women’s Day in Manly!  It is easy to find budget accommodation Manly.   Find the best restaurants in Manly and explore unique, local offerings from restaurants on this special day: Corso, Ash’s Table, Ashiana Indiana Restaurant, Beaches Pizza Bar, Belgrave Cartel! Moreover, if you want to spoil the woman in your life with a beauty treatment, Manly has a lot to offer.  There are great beauty and wellbeing places like Belle Isle, Bronz, Divine Nails, Honey Body Salon, Love Your Hair and Beauty, Manly Creative Hair and Beauty, Manly Massage Therapy, etc.  

All the international students who decide to study abroad, as they are leaving the nest, may be thinking “I’m an adult. I know what I’m doing.  I won’t rely anymore on my parents for too many things”.  And this is the truth.   The main idea is that once you go outside, for example, in Australia, your entire life changes.  You will be on your own, you will become more mature.  First of all, if you want to live the Aussie experience, you will have to look for accommodation.  Staying at a Manly hostel seems like a good plan.  You will be responsible for yourself for important things like money, time management, etc.    You will be independent, but at the same time, you will have the chance to discover a new family: the hostellers.  Believe it or not, you will rely on the new persons in your life and, at the same time, they will rely on you!  You will spend great moments with your new “family” while cooking in the common kitchen or watching a movie.  If you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse you will love the clean, relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a large common room, commercial kitchen and an outdoor courtyard with BBQ facilities.

When it comes to staying at a hostel, the first word that comes to your mouth is DIVERSITY.  The great part is that meeting people that are different than you really helps you discover new habits, customs and, why not, a new culture!  It is like leaving a comfort zone.    Keep in mind the fact that we are all pretty sheltered before we leave our own world.  We have some rules and principles we feel like all the persons around us should respect.  We obviously tend to think people should do things the way we do them.  This is not possible.  Book budget accommodation Manly at a hostel and you will learn how to be more independent.  The main idea is that staying in a hostel helps you to grow up and gives you a bigger perspective on everything.  You share your life experience with your new friends and, at the same time, you learn so much from your new friends’ stories.  This is the miracle of staying in a hostel.  If you want to save precious funds, you can even opt for shared accommodation.  You will share the room with a colleague, but, at the same time, you will split costs.  Step by step, you will become more willing to see things from a different perspective.  You will make your own decisions, but, at the same time, you will think twice before these decisions may have an impact on your new family…

Wondering where to go with your family on holiday this summer?  Are you an international student and you are studying abroad in Australia?  If a sunny and sandy destination is on your radar, Manly represents a smart choice.  The good news is that there are so many things to see and do in Manly, no matter what your interests are.

More and more people save precious time by searching online for accommodation.  The perfect budget Manly accommodationcan be just a few clicks away.  All you have to do is shop online for the best deal.  Needless to say, there are so many great online communities where you can find interesting information about different hostels, hotels all over the world.  These reviews are extremely helpful.  Moreover, you will find also great details about the possibilities of spending quality time in that location.  When it comes to Manly, it is widely known the fact that water activities abound.

One of the websites that help you create a certain image about a hostel Manly is TripAdvisor.  Manly Bunkhouse  is also listed on TripAdvisor.  After 28 reviews from our guests, Manly Bunkhouse is ranked number 3 in Manly.  Here are some reviews that may help you decide whether or not to stay at us.  Our great location, 2 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes to Corso, represents our biggest advantage, when it comes to accommodation in Manly.

“One of the top hostels I have stayed in!

Me and my boyfriend stayed here for a week at the start of the year and both found it to be a great place to stay! Two minutes from the beach and 10 to the Corso, the location is excellent. Greg and the rest of the team are beyond helpful, offering advice on anything from looking for jobs, getting s flat, transport etc. We stayed a few nights in a 4 bed dorm and a few in our own room which was nice and homely. Will certainly recommend, keep up the good work!”

Some of our guests appreciated also our rooms.  Each room has its own shower, toilet and kitchenette. Free WiFi Internet access is provided. The Bunkhouse has a clean, relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a large common room, commercial kitchen and an outdoor courtyard with BBQ facilities.

Just Perfect!

I spent only two weeks but everything was great.
The rooms are clean, the kitchen big enough for the whole hostel and the area outside is just amasing.
The hostel is in a great position, 2 min walking from the beach and 5-10 min to the Corso/wharf.
I would recommend to everyone!”

It is widely known the fact that staying in a hostel comes with advantages and disadvantages at the same.  There are many pros and cons when it comes to hostels.  But, one thing is for sure: the greatest gift a hostel can give you is freedom.  If you want to experience this, come to Sydney and book budget accommodation Manly at a hostel.  You will definitely have a great surprise because there is really nothing quite like being out on your own.  It is such a great feeling!  You finally have the chance to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.


Staying in a Manly hostel gives you the chance to meet new people, to discover new customs and cultures.  If you want to experiment the Aussie lifestyle, go for it!  You do not have why to ask for permission in order to do this.  There are so many markets in Manly where you have the chance to try ethnic food, beverage.  Do you like sports?  What about surf?  This is the best place on Earth to try a new experience.  Develop your skills!  There are so many great surf schools in Manly.  You can also take long walks and admire spectacular views, especially from the harbor.  Do not waste time!  Go out and enjoy your freedom!