Believe it or not, it is almost that time of year again … where ghouls, spiders, bats, black cats, ghosts, ballerinas and fairies dominate the landscape.  Halloween is almost here!  This popular holiday in the United States of America is becoming a growing trend also in Australia.  Kids are definitely the happiest persons from the “lucky country” this time of the year.

So, if you are planning a trip to Australia this time of the year, start preparing yourself for Halloween!  For example, many hostels, restaurants, bars coordinate Halloween-themed parties for staff and clients to interact with each others.  The great part about this holiday is that these parties involve people dressed in costume to reflect the Halloween spirit.  People can inspire from the most popular Halloween symbols and dress up witches, skeletons, ghosts, bars, spiders, black cats.  Keep in mind that most of the houses in Australia are also decorated to fit the Halloween theme during this period.  Decorations include fake cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and small black cats or witches.   There are also so many hostels and hotels decorated in the Halloween spirit.  Australians want their guests (international students, backpackers, international travelers) to feel like home.  At Manly Bunkhouse, for example, the friendly stuff has already started to put up some Halloween decoration!

Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and you will have the chance to witness Manly transforming into a sea of cobwebs and lighting Jack o’ lanterns.
Do you want to go to a Halloween party in Sydney?  No problem, Manly is simply 30 minutes away from Sydney by ferry.  Halloween is the scariest night of the year and…the Quarantine Station is the scariest place in Sydney to spend it!  The tours start from 8.15pm.  The party starts from 8pm till 1am.  Do not forget also about the Halloween Dress Up! There will be prizes for best dressed!  Enjoy the Halloween party with great food, dancing and cash beverage bar open throughout!