What do you do for Halloween?  It is true that Halloween is a festival that came relatively late to Australia.  Anyway, it’s becoming more and more popular.  Even if there is still a large element of “for the kids”, truth is that more Australians are getting involved in celebrating Halloween.  But where does this festival come from?  It is said that Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic harvest festival known as Samhain.  Needless to say, Halloween is also remembered as All Hallows’ Eve among the Christian community.


If you decide to celebrate Halloween at our Manly hostel, you will have the chance to feel the authentic Halloween atmosphere.  You should know that every year we decorate the hostel for Halloween and we give away treats to the kids of our neighborhood and this year won’t be different!  The children of Pine Street and surroundings come knock on our door on little groups all dressed up and we give them lollies and sweets.  They are so cute all dressed up in Halloween costumes.  The symbols of this holiday include animals, such as black cats, bats and spiders, and figures, such as ghosts, skeletons, witches and wizards. Pumpkins, graveyards, haunted houses are also associated with Halloween.   The great part is that the guests also receive some lollies and are invited to participate in giving treats to the kids and meet the community.  Hostels are famous for the friendly atmosphere they provide.  You will meet new people and, obviously, make lots of friends.

All the young and “young at heart” people in Australia love dressing up in great Halloween costumes.  Some of the disguises are shop bought while others are home made.  There are also health-conscious Aussie adults who offer to kids healthier treats such as fruit, small toys and money.

Do you love dancing?  Most of the pubs and discos offer a special Halloween night.  Moreover, some Halloween parties are held at venues that are supposedly haunted. Ghost tours, hunts and walks are extremely popular during this time of the year.


What about the persons who are a little bit older?  For them, Halloween is a great excuse to watch some classic Australian horror films such as Rogue and Van Diemens Land, to quirky comedies like Undead.  Do not forget that the big common room from our Manly hostel has big TV, Netflix and playstation!  All you have to do is select the horror film you want to watch on Halloween with your friends from the hostel