Luckily, beautiful summer is just around the corner.  Temperature is rising and days are longer.  Manly Beach is definitely the place to be.  There are also great things you can do in Manly, except surfing.  Therefore, book accommodation at a Manly hostel and explore the places!

Have you ever been to Manly Market Place?  You will simply adore the open-air markets.  What can you find here: fashion items, jewellery, gifts, wood frames, baby clothes, mosaics, handmade unique Aussie Open of Surf wallets, paintings, chopping boards, honey, beanies, Turkish towels and Bamboo Beach Originals, tattoo jewellery,etc.  Are you an international student or a backpacker?  After you experienced the Aussie life and learned more about the Aussie culture, you want to get some souvenirs from Australia for your family members and friends.  Manly Markey Place represents your chance to do this.  The offer is extremely varied.  You will discover unique local handmade Australian arts and craft.  Keep in mind that the Australian souvenirs have a fabulous story.  If you want to discover them, discuss with the makers of these great objects!

Manly markets have a great history.  Believe it or not, they have been in existence for over 15 years.  They represent a source of attraction for all the international students, visitors and backpackers to enjoy.  Needless to say, the local community is also fascinated by this place.  If you want to explore the Aussie culture, you cannot miss Manly Market Place!

It is great to know that Manly Market Place is open every Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.  Manly Market Place looks beautiful in the morning!  Even if it is Saturday or Sunday, don not waste your time, grab a coffee and start exploring the markets.  You will discover great “treasures”!

Manly is fascinated!   Even if you booked budget accommodation Sydney, you can come to Manly in less than 20 minutes by fast ferry.  So many people from Sydney choose Manly as their weekend destination.

You can never get bored in Manly.  If the weather forecast looks great, you have no excuse for not coming to Many Market Place.  After you carefully analyze all the products from the market, you can have lunch near the beach.  Is there a better way of spending a great afternoon in Manly?