It is widely known the fact that Australia is called the “the lucky country”.  The truth is that more and more people come here and fall in love with the amazing landscape, flora and fauna.

Did you know that Manly itself attracts over 6 million visitors to the area each year?  People predominantly come to the city of surfing during the weekends.  The iconic suburb is visited by backpackers, travellers and Sydney-siders.  Needless to say, more and more international students come here to study and, at the same time, to enjoy a relaxed life.  This is the main reason many hostels in Manly have partnerships with different colleges.

The atmosphere is great during summer.  There are great festivals and local events you can enjoy.  Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and explore the local community!  People are extremely friendly.  You will love the family friendly atmosphere.

Locals will be more than happy to offer you alternatives when it comes to spending quality time in Manly.  The great news is that Manly offers lots of options for leisure as scenic walks, diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing and kite surfing.