If you decide to spend some time to Sydney, but, at the same time, you want to avoid the urban crowd, Manly represents the perfect destination for a week-end getaway or even for studying abroad.  Keep in mind that the “surf city” is only 20 minutes away from Sydney by ferry.

It is great to know that Manly offers lots of options for everyone, regardless of age, occupation, hobbies.  You can take scenic walks or you can enjoy water activities like diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, kite surfing.

Manly is also the ideal location for international students.  Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and you will have access to great language schools and Colleges!  Living in a hostel is great because you have the chance to easily make new friends, feel at home and live by the beach.  Needless to say, the atmosphere in a hostel is extremely friendly.  If you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse, for example, you will see that the guest guide and events board is updated periodically with upcoming events and information of things to do in and around Manly.  If you need even more information about certain festivals and activities in Manly, contact the friendly staff from the hostel for even more great ideas about spending quality time in the surf city!