It is widely known the fact that hostels provide a friendly atmosphere to all their guests.  Making new friends is one of the main benefits of staying at a hostel, instead of a hotel.  Playing cards is one of the most popular “activities” of international students staying at a Manly hostel.  The good news is that if you find yourself for the first time in Manly you have the chance to play cards and, at the same time, to discover awesome things about Manly.  How can you do this?  Use Manly Tourist cards!

What is there to know about Manly Tourist Cards?

Manly Tourists Cards are a must have for all the people who come for the first time to Manly. Manly Tourists Cards are a pack of playing cards featuring everything you want to know about Manly.  Forget about navigating online in order to find important information about Manly.  Save time and spend quality time with your friends while playing cards using Manly Tourist Cards!  The great news is that in each pack you will find information on the best attractions and activities to enjoy in Manly.  Needless to say, these great cards contain also useful information about all the cafe shops, bars and restaurants in Manly.

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Live the Aussie experience and enjoy everything the magnificent Manly has to offer.  Manly is only 20 minutes by ferry from Sydney.  Book budget Manly accommodation and use these cards to discover the treasures of Manly.  Keep in mind the fact that 30 local businesses are included in the cards, 12 Activities/Attractions, 8 Restaurants, 5 Bars, 4 Cafe’s and 1 Surf Shop. There is something for everyone, even for the families with children.  In fact, there are so many things to see and do in Manly, regardless of age.

Do not forget that Manly Tourist Cards are a great travel companion all over the world!  Moreover, they also represent a fabulous souvenir for the persons you love!

Spend quality time in Manly, and, at the same time, save these great memories with the aid of the Manly Tourist cards!