Are you planning a trip to Australia?  Take some time and do some research about the cities you are going to visit.  Did you know, for example, where did they get their names?




It is widely known the fact that Canberra is the capital of Australia.  It is interesting to know that it was a debate because several other names were suggested: Paradise, Captain Cook, Sydmeladperho, Eucalypta, and Olympus.  Canberra is considered to be derived from the native Walgalu word kambera, which is believed to mean “meeting place.”



Sydney was named after Lord Sydney, the Secretary of State for the Home Office. Lord Sydney was the person who had to decide where to send the convicts from England.  He opted for Botany Bay.  When the First Fleet arrived in 1788, Botany Bay was not considered to be a good location.  People found fresh water and a cove which was later named Sydney Cove after the lord.  It is said that Sydney was built up around the cove.  If you look for budget accommodation Sydney, you can stay at a Manly hostel.


Brisbane is named after Sir Thomas Brisbane. The city came to life in 1824, when the penal colony at Redcliffe was established.  Not too many people know that Brisbane was not the first name of the city.  On the contrary, the original name was Edenglassie (a combination of Edinburgh and Glasgow), but people liked more the name Brisbane after Sir Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales.



This capital city is named after Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, who was the wife of King William IV. Her full name is actually Amalie Adelheid Louise Therese Karolina Wilhelmina, but that would have been a bit of a mouthful for a city. Though King William was still reigning at the time the city was named (1836), he was considered to be a “buffoon” and people preferred his wife, who had helped people gain the vote in England, helped to abolish slavery, and stood up for the rights of children.


Queen Victoria named the city after William Lamb, the 2nd Viscount Melbourne, who was a close friend.  Needless to say, lord Melbourne was the British Prime Minister from 1835-1841.


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