Australia is also named the “lucky country”.  Moving to this continent is a dream more and more people have.  Especially for people from Europe, becoming an Aussie citizen represents their main goal in their life.  The spectacular landscapes, the wide open spaces, the well-paid jobs are things to consider when it comes to moving to Australia.  Needless to say, Australia has also an extremely diverse population.  This multiculturalism attracts people like a  magnet.
One thing is for sure: more and more backpackers decide to spend some time in Australia and experience the Aussie lifestyle.  If you want to book budget accommodation Sydney, for example, you can stay at a Manly hostel.  This way, you can save precious funds, make new friends and work at the same time.  For example, at Manly Bunkhouse, the friendly staff has plenty of job offers for labors, construction and landscaping.  If you are looking for work, come stay with us and it won’t take long until you are making some money.
Give it a try!  Do not be afraid to make radical decisions!  There are times in life when you have to leave your comfort zone.  It is not easy, but, at the same time, great things can happen.