When you’re travelling on a budget in Australia, hostels are an excellent choice of accommodation.  More and more international students and backpackers opt for staying in hostels in order to live the Aussie experience.

It is interesting to know the fact that hostels are more affordable and, at the same time, more social than hotels.  If you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse, for example, you will be fascinated by the large common areas, group activities and shared living spaces.   The hostel has a huge common room, commercial kitchen and an outside courtyard and backyard with BBQ amenities.  Needless to say, other facilities include a common room with big TV and Foxtel, study and reading room, secure storage for guests, job and sales board, mail service, travel and tour information. Linen is also provided.

Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and you can save precious money.  We all know that being international student, for example, is similar with being on budget.  Keep in mind that price plays a significant role in the difference between hotels and hostels.  The main idea is that hotels provide luxurious amenities, complete privacy and a polished ambience.  All these “facilities” represent additional costs.  Young people will definitely not pay too much money for accommodation.  Needless to say, most of the international students and backpackers are not interested in the fancy atmosphere of hotels.  Keep in mind that even budget hotels are more expensive than hostels.


Shared student accommodation Sydney represents a popular choice among international students.  The main idea is that sharing a room and bathrooms with others allows you to essentially split the cost of the room. Each and every room in our cheap accommodation at Manly Bunkhouse has its own bathroom and kitchenette equipped with mini fridge and kettle. Do you want to chat with your friends or relatives and post photos with the place you are staying?  We have a surprise for you: Free WiFi is supplied!


Forget about luxurious hotels!  If you look for budget accommodation, Manly Bunkhouse represents your best option.  Moreover, you will be delighted by our amazing location!   Our hostel is situated in the heart of Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  It is the perfect location for anytime holiday, summer or winter!  In fact, if you choose to stay at a hostel, you will immediately make new friends.  You will discover amazing facts about different customs and lifestyles.  You will feel at home because the hostel stuff is extremely friendly.  The best part is represented by the fact that you will be living by the beach.  The truth is that water activities are extremely popular in Manly.  You will be living in the city of surfing!