It is widely known the fact that all the people who look for cheap accommodation decide to stay at hostels.  Keep in mind the fact that hostels are more than that.  They are also a great place to meet people.  If you decide to book budget accommodation for travelers in Manly, you will also discover the social and friendly atmosphere provided by hostels.

All over the world, hostel culture is social.  If you decide to come to Australia, you will observe that travellers staying in budget accommodations are extremely friendly.  They enjoy meeting new people, discovering new cultures and civilizations and interacting with their hostel mates.  This applies also to Manly Bunkhouse.

The hostel has a clean, relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a large common room, commercial kitchen and an outdoor courtyard with BBQ facilities. The new French owner, Cathy Carney and her team speak fluent French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish in order to make the guests feel like home.  There are endless possibilities of spending quality time in Manly.  This is the main reason the guest guide and events board is updated periodically with upcoming events and information of things to do in and around Manly.

If you opt for student accommodation Manly at Manly Bunkhouse, you can also take part at a Foosball Competition.  The winners could get a bottle of wine, dinner cooked by a professional chef at the house, a gift voucher or any other creative gift. Tempting…