Luckily, beautiful summer is just around the corner.  Temperature is rising and days are longer.  Manly Beach is definitely the place to be.  There are also great things you can do in Manly, except surfing.  Therefore, book accommodation at a Manly hostel and explore the places!

Have you ever been to Manly Market Place?  You will simply adore the open-air markets.  What can you find here: fashion items, jewellery, gifts, wood frames, baby clothes, mosaics, handmade unique Aussie Open of Surf wallets, paintings, chopping boards, honey, beanies, Turkish towels and Bamboo Beach Originals, tattoo jewellery,etc.  Are you an international student or a backpacker?  After you experienced the Aussie life and learned more about the Aussie culture, you want to get some souvenirs from Australia for your family members and friends.  Manly Markey Place represents your chance to do this.  The offer is extremely varied.  You will discover unique local handmade Australian arts and craft.  Keep in mind that the Australian souvenirs have a fabulous story.  If you want to discover them, discuss with the makers of these great objects!

Manly markets have a great history.  Believe it or not, they have been in existence for over 15 years.  They represent a source of attraction for all the international students, visitors and backpackers to enjoy.  Needless to say, the local community is also fascinated by this place.  If you want to explore the Aussie culture, you cannot miss Manly Market Place!

It is great to know that Manly Market Place is open every Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.  Manly Market Place looks beautiful in the morning!  Even if it is Saturday or Sunday, don not waste your time, grab a coffee and start exploring the markets.  You will discover great “treasures”!

Manly is fascinated!   Even if you booked budget accommodation Sydney, you can come to Manly in less than 20 minutes by fast ferry.  So many people from Sydney choose Manly as their weekend destination.

You can never get bored in Manly.  If the weather forecast looks great, you have no excuse for not coming to Many Market Place.  After you carefully analyze all the products from the market, you can have lunch near the beach.  Is there a better way of spending a great afternoon in Manly?


More and more international students choose Australia to learn abroad.  They want to experience the Aussie lifestyle and, at the same time, enjoy the amazing environment.  Manly is the ideal location for all the students who love the ocean.  Who has not heard of the amazing Manly Beach?

If you look for a Manly hostel, do not forget to access our website.  Ask your school to book your accommodation with us!  Guess what, we partner with SEA College, Navitas English, Kaplan College and ICMS College.

What do we offer?

It is great to know that all the rooms have their own shower/toilet.  Moreover,  private rooms are equipped with a minifridge.

What is included in rent?

We provide fresh linen once a week and room cleaning.  Needless to say, unlimited WI-FI is provided!  In case you decide to stay in a double or twin you also receive free coffee/tea and soap and fresh towel once a week.

We have also a backyard with large outdoor table.  Book budget accommodation Manly and you will spend quality time in our comfortable Lounge area featuring – big Tv, Netflix, DVD/Blue -ray player, home-theatre and plenty of dvds, books and games, including a foosball table and playstation 3!


Being in the hostel business represents these days a real challenge.  There are so many hostels all over the world and all of them try to attract international students, travelers, backpackers.  What makes the difference?  Maybe the guest information all the respectable hostels should translate.

In a previous blog post we discussed about three important translations that can make a hostel stand out from the rest when it comes to the international guests.  We will discuss now about more guest information hostels should translate.

It is widely known the fact that safety guides are related to different forms of important instructions that protect the guests of the hostels: evacuation plans, fire safety tips, instructions for using various devices and valuable information on whom to contact in case of injury or illness.  We can discuss about a real controversy.  On one hand, so many laws determine the safety guides all hostels and hotels have to make public.  On the other hand, the regulations do not mention anything about the translation of these documents for the international guests.

The main idea is that hostels should cherish and respect their international visitors all over the world.  This is the main reason the owners of the hostels and their teams should speak different foreign languages in order to have an excellent communication with their guests.

The “rules of the house” have also to be translated.   All the guests have to respect the rules of the house (eg: quiet hours from 9pm, no smoking within the building, drinking rules etc).

If you look for cheap accommodation at Manly beachside, you are in the right place.  Our hostel provides a safe, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  Even if you come to Manly to work or to study, the holiday atmosphere and the friendly local community will make the difference.

The facilities the hostels provide have also to be translated in different languages.  The friendly staff from the Manly hostel should discuss with the backpackers, international students or travelers about the offer of the hostel.  International guests are interested in secure storage, mail service, travel and tour information.  When it comes to linen, in case it is provided by the hostel, the guests have to know this right from the start.  Many international students want also to work in Australia.  An updated job and sales board will be extremely important (the translation of the board is also vital).


What to look for when booking accommodation at a hostel?  It is widely known the fact that hostels provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  At the same time, hostels are more budget friendly than hostels.  It is more convenient to stay at a hostel, but, you have to carefully analyze your options.  For example, if you want to stay at a Manly Beach Hostel, you have to look for the following amenities: lockers, luggage storage, kitchen, linens, towels, shower, toilet, outdoor courtyard.  International students will need also a common room with some entertainment options (DVDs, games, big TV, Foxtel, playstation) and a study room.  Wi-Fi is also extremely important when looking for the best accommodation.

Keep in mind that not all of these amenities are offered all the time.  The main idea is that you may have to pay a fee for certain amenities.

Location is also extremely important.  Therefore, if you decide to stay at a Manly hostel, make sure the hostel you choose is in a central location, close to the iconic Manly Beach.  It will great to select a hostel that is located in the heart of Manly, 10 minutes walk from the center of the town, close to popular touristic attractions.

Safety is also extremely important when it comes to staying at hostels. Sharing a room is extremely accessible.  At the same time, sharing the bedroom can be great for making new friends.  At the same time, this adds some frustration about keeping the belongings secure.

Reviews are also extremely important when it comes to booking accommodation.  There are specialized websites like Trip Advisor or Booking where you can read tones of reviews.    Therefore, take some of your time to read others’ opinions about different hostels!   Make sure you are well informed!   Do not forget also about the online communities!  If the hostel has a Facebook page, you can also find the reviews from quite Facebook inspiring.

Visiting the hostel’s website is not enough.  Not all the websites are updated.  Needless to say, some of them do not provide a significant photo gallery.  Is the hostel really situated in the heart of the city?  Do they really provide Wi-Fi?  There is only one way to find out.  Analyze carefully the reviews!  Make a list with all the advantages and disadvantages pointed out by the persons who stayed there.


Did you know that on September, 30th we celebrate the International Translation Day?  Not too many people know that the International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators.  International Translation Day has been observed for the first time in 1953.

What is the connection between the hostel industry and translation?  The hostel business is very competitive these days, especially in Australia.  If you decide to stay at a Manly hostel you will discover at the hostel many international students and backpackers.  They come with different customs, culinary tastes and they speak different languages.  It is true that most of them speak English, but it feels great when you can discuss from time to time in your own language.  Many hostel owners know how important it is to provide useful information in various languages to the international guests.  An accurate translation of the documents is extremely important.  Unfortunately, more and hostels overlook to translate certain guides and useful tips for their guests.  This does not happen at Manly Bunkhouse.  The French owner, Cathy Carney and her friendly team speak fluent French, Portuguese and Spanish.

It is widely known the fact that the hostel business is very competitive nowadays, all over the world.  The hostel owners know how important it is to provide essential information in various languages to the international guests.  Unfortunately, many hostels overlook to translate certain useful tips for their guests.
Which are some of the forgotten translations that can make a hostel stand out from the rest when it comes to the international guests?
  1. Weather forecasts
Weather forecasts are generally presented daily to customers in the form of online posts or a written notice that hangs above the hotel’s reception desk.  Unfortunately, a lot of foreign guests cannot take advantage of them, since they are often displayed only in the hostel’s native language.
  1. Check-in forms
Check-in forms represent the first direct contact among guests and the hostels’ representatives.  It is crucial that they are easy to fill out.
3.Tourist guides
Almost every decent hostel in the world offers free tourist guides that contain maps, tourist attractions and valuable information regarding the area.  Make sure these tourist guides are available in different international languages.  For example, if you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse, the friendly staff will help you get the most of Manly with tips and to do’s for every taste.  Needless to say, the staff can even help you find a job, for those looking for a work experience in Australia.

Do you like surfing?  Do you ADORE surfing?  Stay tuned because we have some news for you!  Excellent news for all the people who like surfing: the Australian Open of Surfing will be held in Manly for at least the next three years!  September, 24th was special for people in Manly (local community, backpackers, international students, etc).  Great surprise for the community in Manly: Premier Mike Baird had yesterday a press conference at the Sebel Hotel in Manly.  He was not alone.  The premier was joined by former World Champions Damien Hardman (L) and Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo and Australian Junior Champion Isabella Nichols.  They announced the return of the Australian Open of Surfing for 2016.

Mr Baird said he was proud to see the event had been secured at Manly for the next three years: “It is fantastic for this community.  Everyone knows on the northern beaches that this is an event that brings the community together.  The northern beaches really come alive when this event is on and it’s a great opportunity for tourists to visit the best beach in the world and experience Australian surf culture.”

Manly is one of the world’s five surfing reserves.  By the way, did you know that Manly is named the city of surfing?  When it comes to surfing, Manly has a fabulous history.  Not too many people know that the first known body-surfing contest took place at the Manly Surf Club carnival in 1908. More than 107 years ago!   It is great to know that Manly hosted also the first ever Surfing World Titles in 1964.  Moreover, Manly was also home to 7x world surfing champion Layne Beachley!

See you all in Manly February 27 – March 6 for the Australian Open of Surfing!  The free nine-day event brings ­together a collection of ­surfing, skating and music entertainment.  134 days till the Australian Open of Surfing!  Therefore, hurry up and book accommodation at a Manly hostel!  The main idea is that hostels represent a great alternative to staying at a hotel.  The truth is that hostels provide a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Needless to say, hostels are cheaper than hotels.  So, even if you look for budget accommodation Sydney, the best option you have is to stay at a Manly hostel.  Keep in mind that you can go from Sydney to Manly and vice versa by fast ferry (approximately 15 minutes).


Photo source: facebook Australian Open of Surfing

Everyone knows that Australia is considered to be the country of surf.  Needless to say, you should know that Manly is considered to be the city of surfing in Australia.  Manly Beach is extremely popular.  Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and discover one of the most famous surfing reserves in the world!
If you decide to stay at Manly Bunkhouse, we have a great surprise for you!  Do you like surfing?  All of our guests get a discount (to hire boards from Sunshine Surfing Surf Shop in Manly.  All you have to do is speak to Phil and let him know you are staying with us and pay only $10 for one hour!  Where is Sunshine Surfing Surf Shop?  They are located in 89 Pittwater Road, just a short walk from our doorstep and close to the beach!  Isn’t this great?  Luckily, our hostel is located in the heart of Manly on Sydney’s Northern beaches. We are about 250 metres from iconic Manly Beach and about 10 minutes walk from Manly Town Centre.
Staying at a Manly hostel represents your best option, especially if you are looking for budget accommodation.
Is travelling one of your hobbies?  Learning about another country’s culture while you travel is all part of the fun.   Take some of your time and do some research in advance!  Find out more about their customs!  Otherwise, some cultural mistakes can lead to accidental offense!  You definitely want to avoid them! Here are six cultural mistakes you should avoid:
1. Don’t Raise Your Arm to Wave in Greece
It is true that waving seems like a friendly gesture, but in Greece, take care! “Generally you don’t want to raise your arm and wave your hand to say ‘hi’ to someone, as to a Greek it means, well, F-U,” says James Stathis, President of
2. Don’t Blow Your Nose at the Table in China
Blowing your nose at the table isn’t considered polite anywhere, but in China blowing your nose in public is a huge mistake. Chinese people dislike also when people tuck the used tissue into the pocket or purse.  If you decide to travel to China, try not to wear a green hat!
3. Don’t Shake Hands Over the Threshold of a Door in Russia
Shaking hands with someone may be a popular gesture of greeting in many parts of the world, including in Australia.  If you spend a few days at a Manly hostel, you will have the chance to explore the Aussie lifestyle.  In Australia you can shake hands over the threshold of a door, but in Russia you have to be careful.  In Russia this gester is considered extremely unlucky.
4. Don’t Ask for an Irish Car Bomb in an Irish Pub
It is widely known the fact that in the U.S., an Irish Car Bomb is a common name for a cocktail made up of Guinness and Baileys, in which you drop a shot of Bailey’s into the Guinness before drinking.  It is not a polite drink to order in Ireland.
5. Don’t Accept Anything With Your Left Hand in a Hindu or Middle Eastern Country!
Did you know that in many Middle Eastern countries and countries with large Hindu populations, such as India, Malaysia, and Singapore, the left hand is considered the bathroom hand (the one that you use for clean-up after a trip to the toilet)?
6. In An Asian Country, Don’t Wear Your Shoes In Someone’s Home!
Going in a trip in an Asian country?  It is expected, and, at the same time, respectful, to remove your shoes before entering someone’s home. In some regions people eat at low tables while sitting on the floor or sleep on the floor.  This is the main reason it is important for the floor to be clean.

Who has not heard of TripAdvisor?  TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, enabling travelers all around the world to plan and book the perfect trip.  If you are planning a trip to Australia, it will be wise to use this platform.  The good news is that TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travelers.  Take some time and access this site and you will have the chance to analyze a wide variety of travel choices and planning features.

If you want to book budget accommodation Sydney, TripAdvisor will help you find the right hotel or hostel.  When it comes to things you can do in Manly, the list is overwhelming (it contains also restaurants and coffee shops, water activities, museums, boat and bike tours, etc).  How does the top look like?

  1. Manly Sea Life Sanctuary – Shark Dive Xtreme
  2. North Head
  3. Bike Tours
  4. North Head Sanctuary
  5. Manly Quarantine Station
  6. 4 Pines Brewing Company
  7. Boat Tours
  8. Dolphin & Whale Watching
  9. Manly Sea Life Sanctuary
  10. The Luggage Store Cafe & Museum
  11. Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
  12. Joel Coleman Gallery
  13. Manly Art Gallery and Museum
  14. Manly Waterworks
  15. Scuba & Snorkeling
  16. City Tours
  17. Norwegian Church in Sydney
  18. Cultural Tours
  19. Walking Tours
  20. Cooking Classes
  21. Nature & Wildlife Tours
  22. Kayaking & Canoeing
  23. Sightseeing Tours
  24. Bus Tours

As you can probably guess, this top has been made taking into consideration tourists’ review.  Feel free to share your own review regarding Manly!  Book accommodation at a Manly hostel and enjoy Manly!  The surf of city has so many things to offer: outdoor activities, nature, parks, beach, ocean, nightlife, museums, zoos and aquariums, boat tours, water sports, sightseeing tours.  The landscape is amazing.

Needless to say, Manly has also some popular festivals.  If you come in September to Manly, you will have the chance to go to Manly Arts Festival or to Manly Jazz Festival.  These events are extremely popular in Australia.

Stay tuned and start planning your trip to the city of surfing!  You will be very pleasantly surprised!  Life is so adorable in Manly for everyone, from the local community to backpackers, international students or travelers.  Feel free to experience the Aussie lifestyle!  You will LOVE it!  The best way to feel like an Aussie is to get involved in the local events of the community.